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OUr Story

Coming from the social entrepreneurship environment, and after several years living in emerging countries, we decided to transform our social and environmental concerns into practical actions.

Aware of the purchase action power, we aimed to allow everyone, through a brand of ethical and high quality products to crowdfund social projects of their choice.

We offer a brand and an evolving platform of fashion products, produced in Europe, in verified and transparent social and environmental conditions and we pledge to use 20% of the profit of each sale to finance social projects, chosen collaboratively by the members of the community.

So now, it's your turn to join the Misti adventure!


We are building a brand where the quality of each product will be as important as the social and environmental requirements.

Every stakeholder of our projects will be highlighted, from our manufacturers to our social partners. You will be able to discover their background, their story and how they work.

We reduce the number of intermediaries as much as possible to ensure each artisan is compensated in a way they deserve for the quality of their work.

We will build social projects with associations and NGOs and give 20% of the profit of each sale to finance them. Your purchase will have a direct and practical impact and we will keep you posted on the progress of every project you participated in.


our commitments

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To give 20% of the profit of each sale to finance the social project you chose in accordance with your values.

To double the contribution if you choose to come to collect your purchase from one of our weekly points of delivery.                                                                            


To produce in Europe therefore reducing the distance between the production and the point of sale (more than four times less than the industry standard).

To be totally transparent on the conception and production methods of our products, and on the associated social and environmental requirements.                                                                                

To use recycled and reused fabricas in order to reduce the environmental impact and to avoid thousands of liters of water being wasted in the process of production of new articles.                                                              

To include each customer who wants to be on our social project selection comitee. They will chose the next proposals to be presented on the website and play an active part in our community.

Active social projects

Partenariat Bibliothèques Sans Frontières Misti

Libraries Without Borders

Libraries Without Borders acts in order to allow every woman and every man on the planet to live with dignity and to flourish through an easy, open and free access to libraries, information and education in order to promote cultural diversity.



SOS Villages d'Enfants allows children with complicated situations to live in a safe and stable environment. They make sure that brothers and sisters have the opportunity to live together inside a peaceful home.